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Breast Implant Check Perth

At the consultation our practice nurse educates you fully regarding breast lymphoma associated with breast implants, breast implant illness and will also answer any questions you have.

You will also have an examination by our Plastic Surgeon and be given a bulk billed breast ultrasound form.

The cost of the appointment is $95.00.

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BI✓ is a multi-disciplinary clinic designed to assist patients with breast implants. We evaluate your breast implants with respect to the type implants you have, their integrity, safety and the possible association with Breast Implant Illness and Breast Lymphoma.

Our medical director is a SPECIALIST PLASTIC SURGEON

Assistance can span from information collection from your original clinic or country, education regarding Breast Lymphoma (BL) and Breast Implant Illness (BII), all the way through to revisionary surgery including TOTAL INTACT CAPSULECTOMY (TIC) and EN BLOC IMPLANT REMOVAL.


Either way, we can help you. BI✓ is a non-judgemental, collaborative environment to assist patients with their implants and return power to them via education, information and advice. Many patients have returned from overseas and may want to just have their implants checked but are not sure where to get assistance.

With your permission and where possible, we contact your original place of surgery (regardless of where in the world it was) to get as much information as possible regarding your implants and your surgery.
There are various degrees of investigation depending on your individual situation but can vary from:
RADIOLOGY – breast ultrasound (sound waves) is undertaken to screen for evidence of rupture and excessive fluid (a sign of breast lymphoma)
CLINICAL IMAGING – clinical photography is undertaken to document your clinical result at that point in time
HAEMATOLOGY – blood tests are undertaken to screen for evidence of blood abnormalities
PSYCHOLOGY – where appropriate, a screening assessment for anxiety and depression can be undertaken, and referral to your GP or a psychologist for further assessment
SPECIALIST PLASTIC SURGEON review and advice where appropriate.  A written summary report is provided to you to give you the power of the information. This includes a summary of the details of your original surgery, all tests performed, any abnormal findings, clinical findings and any recommendations for follow-up or treatment.

MINOR BI✓ involves education, clinical photography, breast ultrasound, clinical examination. It may also involve psychological screening
MAJOR BI✓ may involve aspects of the MINOR BI✓, as well as blood tests, and examination and advice on options from a SPECIALIST PLASTIC SURGEON
If you are asymptomatic and testes are normal, then a further MINOR BI✓ in 2 years may be all that is needed.
With your permission, a report is also sent to your GP / PRIMARY CARE SPECIALIST.


Our medical director is a SPECIALIST PLASTIC SURGEON and oversees all educational material, clinical advice, treatment regimens, and research protocols.
If surgery is indicated, you are only ever referred to a SPECIALIST PLASTIC SURGEON.

Breast Implant Check